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A.A.C llc

Your Quality & Affordable Abatement Professional

Affordable Abatement Company LLC is your quality and affordable professional for asbestos abatement & demolition contracting needs. 

Specializing in residential & small commercial asbestos abatement and demolition. 

With over 27 years of experience, we will create a service plan that fits your exact needs that will be compliant with all state and federal rules and regulations.

Family owned and operated company that is insured, licensed and certified to get your project done right and with integrity. Affordable pricing and quality work given with each job, our reviews speak volumes.


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It went very well. Mario is very friendly and personable and did a great job with removing the tiles from the basement. They left the area very clean and the end result looked great. Communication was also very good. I would recommend and would use them again if we have additional asbestos removal projects.
— Paul Darula
Great! They were very responsive and quick to get us a bid. Their bid was priced right and they were able to come within 1 week. We were very happy with the care they exercised at our home. Asbestos is not something you want to mess around with, but they sealed everything off, used equipment to remove the dust in the air, etc. They were true professionals who did an excellent job. Even our drain tile company was impressed with the work they did. I would absolutely hire them again!
— Shannon Cooper
Mario came out to my recently purchased home to look over three suspect Asbestos issues: Popcorn ceiling from the 70s, Tiled ceiling in basement, and 9x9 floor tiles in the entire second level. I wanted to have the issues looked at as a whole to understand what the cost of abatement might be if they did have asbestos, and to have them tested to see if they in fact needed special removal. I had doubts about the ceilings (but better safe than sorry), but was 99% certain the 9x9 tiles were asbestos. After looking at the floor tiles closer, trying to understand if it was one layer or more etc. Mario actually pulled one tile without any issue - it was super rubbery. He explained that the tile did not feel or act like an asbestos tile (they are usually super brittle and friable which is why they are dangerous). He suggested that I have it tested as well because it just might be asbestos free.... I decided to have all three tested and low and behold none of them contained asbestos! This was huge because I honestly never thought the 9x9 tiles would NOT contain asbestos! I really appreciated Mario’s honesty. The good news is I can do the job myself, the bad news is I probably won’t need to hire him. The cost for testing and his time was well worth it to have piece of mind and know I can continue with my remodel without any worries! Thanks Mario!
— Amy Sletten
Great! Mario was responsive and was able to get the work done quickly. He provided all the
necessary paperwork for the City of St Paul and was licensed and insured. This guy works his tail off to
provide good service! I had some other quotes that were twice his quote. I’ll be calling him again!
— Joe Schaak
Mario was extremely professional. He was prompt for both the estimate and the work. He spent the better part of a day preparing the area, carefully taping off the involved space. During the asbestos removal and the demolition he had a large air filter running to provide negative air pressure within the involved area. He had mentioned to me during the estimate that he was very careful about keeping dust out of the rest of the house and he proved this true during the demolition work. His demolition work was careful and thorough. When it was complete he surprised me by washing the floor in the entire basement, leaving the area cleaner than when he first arrived. I would not hesitate to hire Mario and I will be calling him again for future demolition work.


MY Mission

I never compromise quality for time and I have affordable pricing to accommodate customer's budget. Your safety is very important to us, licensed and insured, we follow all state and federal rules and regulations.